Why we changed fees and jobs in 2017

Since the beginning, we’ve prided ourselves on running a great swim team and club at a fantastic price within the community.  It is important that we don’t overcharge, but it is also important that we maintain a quality facility and team.  We’ve been doing so for 50-years.

Our budget is always tight – we aren’t here to make a profit – and we rely heavily on donations, fundraising and sponsorship to make ends meet.  We’ve found that a small percentage of the membership ends up donating most of these additional funds.

So, in 2017 we are increasing fees to be more in line with other teams in the area, and reducing our overall fundraising goals, though we still require families to meet individual fundraising goals.  Our new fees page is here.

The biggest non-financial change for 2017 is the return of the “gate keeper” job.  This job is common to other clubs, and existed at Ygnacio Wood prior to 5-years ago.  The objective is to provide a level of security at our facility (and our life guards), and be certain that only members are entering the facility.  It will also allow us to have more flexibility for new members, part time members and a more complete snack shack.

These changes will improve our ability to continue to provide an excellent community and swim team experience for the next 50-years.

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