Ygnacio Wood Swim Team

Your 2014 Seahorses

The Ygnacio Wood Swim Team Seahorses have been swimming, winning and having fun since 1969.

Our coaches have been swimmers and every year, we bring up swimmers to be coaches and to carry on the fantastic traditions that make our team unique in the area.

Whether you are an experienced swimmer from another team, or are new to recreational swimming, we have something to offer your family.  See what our parents say here, and then check out what we did last season.  (We’ll do most of the same stuff this year too!)  You’ll notice that yes, we swim a lot – but we are so much more.  We have a camp-out, and lots of get togethers for our families to mix.

We love to win, but we reward self-improvement, and we keep track of how much our swimmers improve on our star board.

Our fees are simple, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Gareth Patterson at dir@ywst.org.

Ygnacio Wood Swim Club & Team