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Fees, Fundraising and Jobs for 2017

The Ygnacio Wood Swim Team is part of the Ygnacio Wood Swim Club.  All team members are members of the club, with varying benefits.

In 2017, we are making changes to our fee and job structure. All members, new and old are encouraged to read and understand. If you have any questions, please reach out to Gareth Patterson at prez@ywst.org or Garrett Shelley at dir@ywst.org .

Club Membership & Jobs

Club memberships are required to use the pool facilities for any reason.  Many families use this excellent community resource for fun, exercise or just a place to hang out.  Many other families are members in our 47-year old  swim team.

2017 Change – Starting in 2017 season, we will see the return of the gate-keeper job.  In order to provide additional security and safety at our pool, and to ensure only members are using the facilities, we require most members to provide  gate-keeping duties.

Full Club Membership

A full season of access to the club and all club activities for you and your family.

Five 2-hour shifts of club jobs – that may include gatekeeping or other jobs.

NEW Member Full Club Membership

A full season of access to the club and all club activities for you and your family.

Five 2-hour shifts of club jobs – that may include gatekeeping or other jobs.

Associate Club Membership

Access to the club during swim team activities (meets, practices, fun events) only.

One 2-hour shifts of club jobs – that may include gatekeeping or other jobs.

Retired Club Membership

Full club access to retired, adult-only members in our community where one family member is older than 60-years old.

Two 2-hour shifts of club jobs – that may include gatekeeping or other jobs.

Teen Club Membership

Full club access to teen swim team members only.  Not for family use.

Two 2-hour shifts of club jobs – that may include gatekeeping or other jobs.


You may opt-out of all club jobs for a fee of $175.   A job-exchange is being established, where you can arrange someone to work the job for you for $10/hour.  You are still responsible for the hours, and are subject to penalties of $20/hour if the job is not performed.

Team Fees

Fees to belong to the Ygnacio Wood Swim Team are based on the age and number of children swimming.

As a swim team member, fees to our league championship and all dual meets are included.  However, you are responsible for the meet entry fees for all other large meets (City, Dana Hills, Crossing, Woodlands). *See “splash fees” below.

For swimmers under the age of 15, you are required to have a paid CLUB membership (see above) also.

First Under-15 Swimmer per Family
Second Under-15 Swimmer per Family
Third Under-15 Swimmer per Family
Each Additional Under-15 Swimmer per Family
15-18 Swimmer

All meet fees are included.  If your family ONLY has 15-18 swimmers, you can have a Teen Club membership ($0) which allows your teen to use the pool facilities.


Splash Fees

Families are responsible for large invitational meet (City, Dana Hills, Crossing, Woodlands) fees.  However, you can prepay for all the large invitation meet fees at a cost of $60.  (Value is around $100)

  • Dana Hills Pentathlon – $25 per swimmer
  • Crossing’s Challenge or Woodlands Invitational – $25 per swimmer
  • Concord City Swim Championships – $30 per swimmer

Team Jobs

Team Jobs are required of all team families.  This includes timing, snack shack, board member positions and other jobs that directly benefit the team.  There is no opportunity to opt-out of team jobs, but you can hire someone to work the job for you from the job exchange page.

  • Families with 2 or more swimmers are required to work 10 team jobs.
  • Families with only 1 swimmer are required to work 8 team jobs.
  • New to swim team families are required to work 5 team jobs.

Team Fundraising

All swim team families are required to raise $150 per swim season.  Fundraising items include:

  1. All funds raised by your family during the lap-a-thon
  2. Snack shack donations (receipt required)
  3. League ad purchases
  4. Cash donations / opt-out

Our Wonderful Coaches!

Conor Boal – Co-Head Coach

head-shotYgnacio Wood what time is it??? That’s right everyone, the summer of 2017 is upon us! My name is Conor Boal and this will be my third year returning to the decks of Ygnacio as a coach. I have been part of this team since the age of six when I first swam a race as a mighty seahorse. I also continued competitively swimming throughout my years at Ygnacio Valley High School. I currently attend San Diego State University where I am studying Mechanical Engineering. I can’t wait to share my knowledge of this wonderful sport with you all and welcome you into the family of Ygnacio Wood! Goooooo Ygnacio!!!

Maggie Yamamoto – Co-Head Coach

Hey Seahorses! My name is Maggie Yamamoto and I am beyond excited to be joining Ygnacio Wood this summer! I grew up swimming for Valley Vista Swim Team for 13 years, Carondelet High School for one season, and I currently compete with the Walnut Creek Masters Swim Team. I was involved in the Cuda program and was a swimmer coach at Valley Vista Swim Team for a number of summers, I was an assistant coach at Valley Vista last summer, and I coached the YWST/VVST combined fall program. Swimming and coaching have been lifelong passions of mine. My philosophy focuses on proper stroke technique and racing hard while having lots of fun mixed in with everything. I am a graduate of Gonzaga University where I received a Bachelors of Science in Human Physiology and I will be attending University of Southern California in the fall where I will be pursuing a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. I am thrilled to be apart of such a magnetic team and I can’t wait for all the fun we will have together this summer!  

Maddie King – Assistant Coach

Hi seahorses!  My name is Maddie King and I go to school at the University of Nevada, Reno majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in human development and family studies.  I’m an assistant coach this year for my second home, Ygnacio Wood.  This will be my third year coaching but my 16th year being a part of this amazing team.  This team has been a huge part of my life ever since I was 3 years old and I hope to fuel the teams energy with my love for this team!  I hope I can give the lifelong memories that I’ve received to the children that I get to coach!  I’m counting down the days until I see all the smiling faces of our seahorses!!  Gooooooo Ygnacio!!

Alex Humann – Assistant Coach


Hello! My name is Alex Humann and I am beyond excited to come back to the pool for my second year coaching. I became a seahorse when I was four years old and have been loving it ever since. I have continued competitively swimming at Santa Barbara City College where I have been voted team captain. I am eager to give back to the team that has fueled my love and enthusiasm for the sport. This team has been more of a family to me and I love having the opportunity to give back all that I’ve gotten over the years. I am looking forward to another great season! Go seahorses! 

Haley Darr – Swimmer Coach

Hello! My name is Haley Darr and I will be swimming as an 18 year old this year.  I joined Ygnacio when I was five years old and have been a seahorse ever since.  This team has always been a family to me and I am so happy to be a part of the coaching staff this season.  My favorite stroke is breaststroke and I have also been swimming and playing water polo for Clayton Valley and I will continue to do both throughout college.  I am beyond excited for this season! GOOOoooooooOOOOO Ygnacio!

 Katie O’Sullivan – Swimmer Coach

Hi everyone!  My name is Katie O’Sullivan and I am very excited to be a swimmer coach this season!  I have been swimming since I was six years old and have grown up competing for YWST, USA year round teams, and Carondelet High School.  I have also participated in the Junior Olympics. In addition, you might recognize me as a coach from the fall YWST/VVST clinic.  This fall, I will be attending the School of Nursing at University of Michigan.  I can’t wait to share all that Ygnacio has to offer with you this summer!

Our Star Board

Our Star Board is where we keep track of each swimmer’s improvement throughout the season.  It is the most important stat we track, and we display the board proudly at the pool for all to see.  At the end of the season, those with the most improved times get a gold medal for their work throughout the season.

The Star Board is so much more than a gold medal.  It reminds our parents and swimmers that the best goal is to constantly improve – in the pool and in life.  We focus on the improvement, and we have multiple ways to measure that improvement.

B Times

70% of the swimmers in our league are B swimmers in one or more strokes.  (“A” time standards are calculated every three years based on league-wide results.)  100% of our swimmers have the potential to become A swimmers or even County swimmers.  The transition from B swimmer to A swimmer in a stroke is a very public display of a swimmer’s accomplishment of self-improvement.

B swimmers are first-class citizens in our league.  We have meets where only B swimmers can participate.  This gives the swimmers who are still improving a stroke an opportunity to win races and achieve valuable points for their team.

Why the emphasis on B swimmers?   Because nearly all swimmers started out as B swimmers and improved to A, and in some cases went on to compete in a county-wide meet.  We have kids who may have been B swimmers in all strokes one season, only to “bust-it-out” the next year and become county-level swimmers.

A times are a stepping stone to “County times” for some and a fantastic achievement for others.  Swimmers who have an A time in a stroke are not allowed to compete in that stroke at a “B meet.”  Many swimmers have some A and some B times.  The “B meets” are where those swimmers may focus on their B times to improve.

So when you see our Star Board by the pool, understand that it is so much more than a bunch of “good job” stickers… it is the tool we use to track and motivate our swimmers to improve.