Our Star Board

Our Star Board is where we keep track of each swimmer’s improvement throughout the season.  It is the most important stat we track, and we display the board proudly at the pool for all to see.  At the end of the season, those with the most improved times get a gold medal for their work throughout the season.

The Star Board is so much more than a gold medal.  It reminds our parents and swimmers that the best goal is to constantly improve – in the pool and in life.  We focus on the improvement, and we have multiple ways to measure that improvement.

B Times

70% of the swimmers in our league are B swimmers in one or more strokes.  (“A” time standards are calculated every three years based on league-wide results.)  100% of our swimmers have the potential to become A swimmers or even County swimmers.  The transition from B swimmer to A swimmer in a stroke is a very public display of a swimmer’s accomplishment of self-improvement.

B swimmers are first-class citizens in our league.  We have meets where only B swimmers can participate.  This gives the swimmers who are still improving a stroke an opportunity to win races and achieve valuable points for their team.

Why the emphasis on B swimmers?   Because nearly all swimmers started out as B swimmers and improved to A, and in some cases went on to compete in a county-wide meet.  We have kids who may have been B swimmers in all strokes one season, only to “bust-it-out” the next year and become county-level swimmers.

A times are a stepping stone to “County times” for some and a fantastic achievement for others.  Swimmers who have an A time in a stroke are not allowed to compete in that stroke at a “B meet.”  Many swimmers have some A and some B times.  The “B meets” are where those swimmers may focus on their B times to improve.

So when you see our Star Board by the pool, understand that it is so much more than a bunch of “good job” stickers… it is the tool we use to track and motivate our swimmers to improve.