Welcome to Ygnacio Wood Swim Club and Team.  And welcome to our registration page.

There are multiple changes for 2017.

We are holding IN-PERSON registrations  (for new and returning members) on Saturday, Feb 25th 10am – 1pm and again on, Sunday, March 5th 10am – 1pm.  On Sunday, March 12th at noon, ONLINE registration will open for returning and new members.

During registration, you will have the option to purchase apparel, a team swim suit, register for the team and club, and select your jobs – both club and team – for the season.

Change for 2017: All members must register for club jobs (and team jobs) during registration.  ALL members must select four 2-hour gatekeeper jobs (except teen only members) plus 2-hours of other club jobs.  (Club and team board members are required to do gatekeeping jobs too)  You can opt-out of club job requirements for $175.

All team member families are required to sign up for team jobs.  You cannot opt out of team jobs.  There will be a job selling board where you can pay someone to work your jobs.

Online registration will be available here on March 12th.


Ygnacio Wood Swim Club & Team