Paved our Pool!!!!

Congratulations and a HUGE thank you to our entire community… our families, neighbors, friends and kind strangers.  Our Kickstarter campaign was a success…. we reached our goal.

And our pool is now filled with water!  This makes Ygnacio Wood Swim Club the newest and best pool in the area and we look forward to a decade or more of summer fun, competition and hospitality in our club.

Our pre-season started on April 14th but we’ll be having an event before that where we will offer some lucky soul the opportunity to be the first person into our new pool!  (Anyone can cut a ribbon… but who wants to push someone off the diving board into the pool!)

Sadly, we still have a few weeks to wait… we have to get the permits to operate now from the City of Concord, but expect that to be done by the first week of April!

There are many folks to thank, but we’ll wait for a more fun event to make those thanks!