Preseason practices start on Monday, April 13th

Pre-season is upon us and we are ready to go… our pool passed its final certification today and we will start pre-season on Monday, April 13th.

We’ve made some small changes to the schedule for the 11-12 age group.  Those swimmers will now practice with the 9-10 age group at 6:00 – 6:45.  See for the full schedule.

Our coaching staff will be a little random over the first couple of weeks of pre-season as our student coaches finish up with classes and other swim obligations.  However, rest assured that our head coach James Humann is sending in the practices and our coaching staff will be executing his plan.

I would like to ask some of the teen swimmers who maybe interested in helping out with the younger age groups – especially the 6 & Under and 7-8 (after the teen practice) to hang around and make sure our new young swimmers have an excellent first experience in the water at YWST.  If you are able to help, we would greatly appreciate it.  Please let me know and let the coach on deck know.

Apologies if the pool is a little cold this first week.  We are heating it and waiting for our new pool covers to come in.

Registration at Sports Basement on Sun 15th at 1pm-4pm

Our registration link is active and we’ve been welcoming returning members and new members already.  Please head on over to and click on the registration.  Members who are fully paid by March 31 will receive a $25 discount.

Alternatively, come on down to Sports Basement on Sunday, March 15 between 1pm and 4pm to register and size for your team suit.  If you have questions, we’ll have parents and board members on hands to answer all of your questions.

Preseason starts on April 14th… we are ready to go.  Are you going to join us?  Register NOW!


Paved our Pool!!!!

Congratulations and a HUGE thank you to our entire community… our families, neighbors, friends and kind strangers.  Our Kickstarter campaign was a success…. we reached our goal.

And our pool is now filled with water!  This makes Ygnacio Wood Swim Club the newest and best pool in the area and we look forward to a decade or more of summer fun, competition and hospitality in our club.

Our pre-season started on April 14th but we’ll be having an event before that where we will offer some lucky soul the opportunity to be the first person into our new pool!  (Anyone can cut a ribbon… but who wants to push someone off the diving board into the pool!)

Sadly, we still have a few weeks to wait… we have to get the permits to operate now from the City of Concord, but expect that to be done by the first week of April!

There are many folks to thank, but we’ll wait for a more fun event to make those thanks!


Announcing the 2015 Coaching Staff of YWST

I’m thrilled to announce the coaching staff for 2015.  We are thrilled to see the return of some of the heart and soul of the past few years, and to add some exciting and long-term swimmers to our coaching staff.  We’ll update the coaching BIO page over the next few weeks.

Head Coach: James Humann

Assistant Coaches: Jonny Bloom, Jordan Wensley, Conor Boal and Alisa Thorsen

Swimmer Coaches: Alex Humann and Maddie King

Part-time assistant:  Molly Boal



Pool renovation kick-off party

Please join us at YWSC, Saturday, February 7th, from 4:00-10:00pm.   We will be celebrating the new pool with a kick off party.  Invite your friends and family to come celebrate with us.  We will have food and drinks, along with fun games for everyone!  Don’t let the rain stop you, as we will be taking measures to make sure everyone stays dry!

Come check out the new kickstarter campaign and welcome some new families to the party.

Come visit us at 3124 San Gabriel Drive, Concord, CA  94518

Check out the progress of our pool renovation (and some great party pics) at our pool renovation page.

Pave our Pool

Ygnacio Wood Swim Club & Team is getting ready for our awesome 2015 season… and our kids are ready to get into a brand new, re-paved pool. We need your help to finish the “Pave our Pool” project!

Learn more about us and why Ygnacio Wood isn’t just a pool… it is our community, our family and creates memories that will last for a lifetime.

Help us make our 50th season one to remember and launch our next 50-years. Help us at our Kickstarter “Pave our Pool” campaign.  Donate today and introduce our summer fun to your friends and family!
Help us make this a huge success!  You can track our progress over on our progress page.

Why Swim Team Matters

As “veteran parents,” we are often asked why swim team matters so much,  or why would we “give up” our summer to swim,  or do you really “have” to go to those long meets.

Like anything worthwhile, the answers depend on the family and the commitment.  For our family, I’ve learned some important things about why swim team matters to our family (and many other families).

Learn to Swim

When my daughter was five years old, she could barely swim half the length of the pool.  Previous swim lessons hardly helped because 15 minutes a week isn’t what she needed – she needed the peer pressure that comes from swimming with kids her age.

Within a week, she was swimming the entire length well.  Within two weeks, she knew her times and she was talking about how to improve.

All of a sudden, we were those parents who could enjoy a pool party and not hover by the side of the pool – all because our kids could swim!

Friendships across the Ages

Ygnacio Wood is so much more than learning how to swim.  Swimming is one of the few sports where kids of all ages –  4 years old to 18 years old – are all part of the same team.  It is fantastic to see an 18-year-old girl high-fiving a 6-year-old who just completed a great swim.

As my kids grow up and are now teenagers, they are starting to be the “old kids” who are cheering on the little kids and becoming the leaders of Ygnacio Wood.

Put Swim in Perspective

We have made many great friends at swim team, and we enjoy spending time with our friends at meets and giving our kids the opportunity to be part of the larger community of our team.

However, there is more to a summer than all swimming.  We are recreational swimming.  We miss practices sometimes, or we miss meets.  We take vacations throughout the swim season and miss events.  We love Ygnacio Wood, but we still do things away from swim team.

Our kids don’t skip practices.  My teenagers spend most of the day (after practice) with their swim friends.  They participate in the many Seahorse traditions and get-togethers that happen throughout the summer.  We place a high value on our swim season experience.

Ask any parent… you’ll get a story that may be different, but our families are pretty committed to Ygnacio Wood.

Our Star Board

Our Star Board is where we keep track of each swimmer’s improvement throughout the season.  It is the most important stat we track, and we display the board proudly at the pool for all to see.  At the end of the season, those with the most improved times get a gold medal for their work throughout the season.

The Star Board is so much more than a gold medal.  It reminds our parents and swimmers that the best goal is to constantly improve – in the pool and in life.  We focus on the improvement, and we have multiple ways to measure that improvement.

B Times

70% of the swimmers in our league are B swimmers in one or more strokes.  (“A” time standards are calculated every three years based on league-wide results.)  100% of our swimmers have the potential to become A swimmers or even County swimmers.  The transition from B swimmer to A swimmer in a stroke is a very public display of a swimmer’s accomplishment of self-improvement.

B swimmers are first-class citizens in our league.  We have meets where only B swimmers can participate.  This gives the swimmers who are still improving a stroke an opportunity to win races and achieve valuable points for their team.

Why the emphasis on B swimmers?   Because nearly all swimmers started out as B swimmers and improved to A, and in some cases went on to compete in a county-wide meet.  We have kids who may have been B swimmers in all strokes one season, only to “bust-it-out” the next year and become county-level swimmers.

A times are a stepping stone to “County times” for some and a fantastic achievement for others.  Swimmers who have an A time in a stroke are not allowed to compete in that stroke at a “B meet.”  Many swimmers have some A and some B times.  The “B meets” are where those swimmers may focus on their B times to improve.

So when you see our Star Board by the pool, understand that it is so much more than a bunch of “good job” stickers… it is the tool we use to track and motivate our swimmers to improve.

Ygnacio Wood Swim Club & Team