League Meet

The highlight of our season!  We swim against our league teammates to determine the fastest teams (in both A division and B division) for bragging rights for the next year.

More importantly, it is an opportunity to show off our team spirit – and that’s where Ygnacio Wood excels.  We have by far the most spirit of any team, and our swimmers prepare for it, our coaches push it, and our teenagers show all the other teams how much fun it is to be a Seahorse.

This is a two-day meet held in Pittsburg, and it is by far the most exciting meet.  Come and enjoy.. it is what our “pump up” week is all about!

Watch our 15-18 boys “blue up” for the final relay race of the weekend.  Watch our kids cheer their team mates on like no other time of the year.  Watch our parents go nuts!!!  Be there at 8:45am on Saturday to see what our coaches have planned for the team cheer!