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Welcome to Ygnacio Wood Swim Club and Team.  And welcome to our registration page.

We use online registration for both our club memberships and our team memberships.

Please remember to register for the club membership also if your are joining our swim team.  All swim team families must also be club members.  If you have only swimmers aged 15-18, then you can have a “teen club membership” at no additional cost.  Check fees page for full details.

Reminder – ALL members are required to work CLUB hours and (except board members) TEAM jobs.  You will receive an email to register for team jobs.  (Parents of teen members do not do jobs, and new members can opt to only work 5-jobs)  Check the FAQ for more on jobs.

PLEASE READ: This is a single registration form for club only members, and team members.  If you are ONLY registering as club members (with no swimmers on the team), you will still be required to enter a “member” (swimmer, child).  Please select “Club Only” member type and you’ll be charged $0 for that swimmer.  (You may put in any information you want for name, birthdate, etc)

All memberships are reviewed before being confirmed.  Please click the button below to start your registration.  If you have any issues or problems, please email


Ygnacio Wood Swim Club & Team