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Awards Night

The season is over for many of our swimmers, and it is time to celebrate.  This is when we count up the stars, the coaches vote on the swimmers with the most spirit, and we celebrate the end of another great season as a Seahorse.

This is an emotional time for many of our coaches.  Some whom have been swimming at YWST since they were four or five years old wind down their involvement, and the teenagers who are stepping into their shoes join the ranks.  We reflect on the season, and every child gets some recognition of their effort.

County Meet

The fastest swimmers of YWST head off to the County meet to put their best abilities up against the fastest swimmers in the county.  This is the brass ring for the competitive swimmers!  While not everyone qualifies to compete, those who go, represent YWST well.


Battle for the Stars – Aug 13

Just when you thought it was over, we have one more fun event at the pool… the Battle for the Stars.

Come down and swim against your child, cheer on a weird event,  or just come to hang out.  We don’t worry about times… we don’t worry about anything!  It is all about the fun!

City Meet

For most of our swimmers, this is the final meet of the year, held at Cowell Pool in Concord.  We swim against many teams we don’t see during the season, and it is the last chance for our swimmers who are close to a “County” time to qualify for the County meet.  This is a fast pool, and you can taste the excitement on the deck.

Sit under the trees, watch your kids, and enjoy the season as it comes to an end!

Dance Night

Dance night is a theme dance… come dressed as a super hero, or an 1980s character… whatever our theme is.

The coaches are the best… they will dance with all the kids and show us how to part on one of the last fun nights of the season.  This is about ending the season with a bang!

Coach Appreciation Night

This is a night for the coaches… they’ve given us so much all season and now it is time for us to give back to them.  We’ll talk about them, and then the kids will share hand-made cards to each coach.  We’ll collect some money as gifts to the coaches and show them how much we care.

League Meet

The highlight of our season!  We swim against our league teammates to determine the fastest teams (in both A division and B division) for bragging rights for the next year.

More importantly, it is an opportunity to show off our team spirit – and that’s where Ygnacio Wood excels.  We have by far the most spirit of any team, and our swimmers prepare for it, our coaches push it, and our teenagers show all the other teams how much fun it is to be a Seahorse.

This is a two-day meet held in Pittsburg, and it is by far the most exciting meet.  Come and enjoy.. it is what our “pump up” week is all about!

Watch our 15-18 boys “blue up” for the final relay race of the weekend.  Watch our kids cheer their team mates on like no other time of the year.  Watch our parents go nuts!!!  Be there at 8:45am on Saturday to see what our coaches have planned for the team cheer!

Pasta Feed

Our athletes need their carbs so we have a pasta feed the night before, but it is so much more… our swimmers hang posters they created for their “buddies,” and we celebrate together before the big league meet.   This is when the team shows support for all Seahorses.

We dance… we eat as a team and many of the fathers go out to league meet location (Los Medanos College) for a “safety check”!  (Ask us about it!)

Our coaches always share a little something special this night to get the kids pumped up… a dance, custom made each year!

Movie Night at the Pool

Come down to the pool to watch a movie… well, really, it is about the kids hanging around in their pajamas.  And the parents spending some time together.

The kids paint their nails (usually, in Seahorse blue!) and help the male coaches get their hair just right!  The movie is just part of the evening!