The Ygnacio Wood Swim Team 13 – 18 Campout will be held at Camanche campgrounds in 2016. (Camping locations are 57, 58, 62, 65, and 67 – these are NOT the spots we have traditionally stayed in)

This event is the highlight of the social aspect of the swim team for many teenagers.  We strictly enforce the age limit to 13-18 year old swimmer.  (The age group they swim in)

We will leave on Saturday, June 25, 2016 after the swim meet, from the Ygnacio Wood Swim Club. Be sure to either have eaten, bring a bag lunch or money if your carpool stops for lunch. Some cars will stop for lunch along the way, while others may drive straight through, please be prepared.

We will return on Monday, June 27th. Chaperones are needed for this event. The activities may include but are not limited to swimming, waterskiing, pulled on an inner tube by boat, or wake boarding.



More details in the following information sheets:

Ygnacio Wood Swim Club & Team