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Dual Meets Start

The Seahorses swim about 12 dual meets each season.  These are small meets with one other team, usually held on Wednesday evenings (6-9pm) and Saturdays (9-noon).

12 of these meets are against our CCVSC league’s fellow teams.  We have a great deal of experience and friendship with these teams.  We usually swim a couple of “friendlies” against other teams in the area.

These meets happen almost every Wednesday and Saturday, with breaks on holidays.  Check the calendar for more details.  You can decide which meets to skip, but we ask you to let us know in advance (sign-out).

Swimmers will typically swim 3-individual events in each meet.  There are two relay teams at each age group, and we can swim up to two teams in each event.

The meets are also divided into A and B meets.  See our post about the difference.  Swimmers who have some A-times and some B-times will normally swim in every meet.  B-swimmers can swim in A meet though may not get three swims.

Dual meets are the drum-beat of our team… we swim against these same teams every year and the rivalries are friendly and fun!

Time Trials

This is the official start of the swim season.  Our swimmers come to our own pool and swim all their strokes to establish a seed time for the season.  All swimmers are asked to attend, and parents will do the timing.

We use these times to help us put your kids in the right meets and strokes.  it is the first opportunity to kids who aren’t strong swimmers to try to swim a whole lap in a meet setting.


Pre-season practices

Swimmers start to practice while school is still in session. These practices are short and help get the swimmers ready for the season. These are optional, and many families can’t make it work with other responsibilities, however, it is a great opportunity to get involved early.

So, come early and get in the water… or come when you can.  Check out practice times here.