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Pasta Feed

Our athletes need their carbs so we have a pasta feed the night before, but it is so much more… our swimmers hang posters they created for their “buddies,” and we celebrate together before the big league meet.   This is when the team shows support for all Seahorses.

We dance… we eat as a team and many of the fathers go out to league meet location (Los Medanos College) for a “safety check”!  (Ask us about it!)

Our coaches always share a little something special this night to get the kids pumped up… a dance, custom made each year!

Movie Night at the Pool

Come down to the pool to watch a movie… well, really, it is about the kids hanging around in their pajamas.  And the parents spending some time together.

The kids paint their nails (usually, in Seahorse blue!) and help the male coaches get their hair just right!  The movie is just part of the evening!

Pancake Day at the Pool

We do breakfast right on pancake day!  After practice, we’ll feed your kids (and maybe you too!) with a great pancake breakfast.  Come and help serve the kids (and parents) and enjoy some time to meet the kids and other parents in your age groups.

Crossings Challenge & Woodlands

The Crossings is a Saturday only all-day meet.  It is specifically for our B-ish swimmers. “B-ish” because they use a different time standard for “B” than we do, and it allows us to include some of our “newly-qualifying A” swimmers.

It is held in Concord at the Crossing pool, and it is a great event.  We swim some non-standard events and it is an opportunity for our B swimmers to take center stage and win a major meet.

Our faster swimmers typically do the “Woodlands Invitational” meet on this weekend held at Woodlands pool.


Yes, it is a fundraiser, but we do it great!  This year we had everything from vacation homes, to special events with the coaches, to babysitting and dog walking, which could be purchased in our silent auction.

Come and spend the evening with friends and we’ll have a  fun night! Invite everyone! This is all about a chance to socialize and help our pool in the process.

Devil Mountain Pentathlon

The beginning of our “big meets” is at the Dana Hills pool in Clayton where we take part in a large, fun meet.  Every child swims every stroke – event strokes they may not normally swim – and their times are added up to come up with an overall time.  There are no relays at this meet.

As with all of our big meets, it is an all-day event and families hang out and enjoy the day.  9/10 girls and younger swimmers swim on Saturday.  9/10 boys and older swimmers swim on Sunday.

The have a great cafe with food offerings, and there are fun merchants to keep you busy.  So, pack up the cooler, bring the tent and some chairs… the kids will hang together and the parents can relax between swims!

Community Parade – July 4

One of the great neighborhood community events is the Ygnacio Wood July 4th parade.  Join hundreds of our neighbors, members and friends at this great event! We get a firetruck to join in for a piece of true Americana!  Some lucky family will get to ride on the firetruck!

Come to the pool after the parade for a breakfast.   Many families return to the pool to BBQ, play games, swim and hang out with friends for July 4th.

13-18 Camp Out

A chaperoned campout exclusively for our 13-18 -year-olds at Lake Camanche.  The teens cook for the group, sleep under the stars, play on the lake, and generally have a fantastic time.

The coaches share and bond with the kids, and this event is one of the key events to developing a uniquely tight relationship between our older swimmers.

Family Fun Night

An evening of games with the coaches and families that starts with the coaches sharing their annual dance with the team.  Yes, really… a dance.  (Check out some of the prior years dances!)

We also have a belly flop contents, and then a “smallest spash” contest.  It is a wonderful night where our families get together to have a lot of fun!