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Fees for 2016 Remain the Same

The Ygnacio Wood Swim Team is part of the Ygnacio Wood Swim Club.  All team members are members of the club, with varying benefits.


Full Club Membership

A full season of access to the club and all club activities for you and your family.
(6 Club Job Hours required)*

NEW Member Full Club Membership

A full season of access to the club and all club activities for you and your family. (New club members are members who haven’t been members at YWSC in the past 3-years)
(4 Club Job Hours required)*

Associate Club Membership

Access to the club during swim team activities (meets, practices, fun events) only.
(2 Club Job Hours required)*

Retired Club Membership

Full club access to retired, adult-only members in our community.
(No Club Job Hours required)*

Teen Membership

Full access to the club for aged 15-18 (as of June 15) members of our swim team. This is for the swimmer only and not for their family.
(2 Club Job Hours required)*


* Club Jobs are opportunities to improve on the club facilities or activities.  There are several opportunities a year to participate.

Team Fees

Fees to belong to the Ygnacio Wood Swim Team are based on the age and number of children swimming.

As a swim team member, fees to our league championship and all dual meets are included.  However, you are responsible for the meet entry fees for all other large meets (City, Dana Hills, Crossing, Woodlands).

For swimmers under the age of 15, you are required to have a CLUB membership (see above) also.

First Swimmer per Family

Your family will be required to commit to $125 of fundraising during the season. **

Each Additional Swimmer per Family

Your family will be required to commit to $125 of fundraising during the season. **

15-18 Swimmer

For families who only have swimmer(s) whom are aged 15-18 (as of June 15).  This swimmer cannot be used as the “first swimmer” to get the discount on additional children.  15-18-only families are not required to commit to fundraising.  This fee includes splash fees to all meet.


* Team Jobs are required of most families.  This includes timing, snack shack, board member positions and other jobs that directly benefit the team.  Click here for full details on team job requirements.

** All swim team families are required to raise $125 per swim season. Please keep in mind that the pool needs to bring in additional funds outside of annual dues and swim team fees in order to keep the facility up to date.  Full details of how to fundraise are here.

Polar Bear Plunge

A huge thanks to Tricia McCann and Angie Elgazzar for organizing our polar bear plunge on Dec 31, 2015!  The water was cold (there was ice on the baby pool), and the hot chocolate was hot, and the swimmers were all a little crazy!

Thanks everyone for showing your seahorse pride!!!

Auction 2015

Our always fun and amazing auction is scheduled for Saturday, July 18th at 5pm.  Come and join us… and see the full list of items at

This is a major fund raiser for our team… invite your friends… and buy your golden ticket… and have fun!  A lot of fun!!!

DISCOUNTED Team Fees – mid-season

We are very pleased to be able to offer discounted fees for Ygnacio Wood Swim Team members joining between June 27th and July 6th.

If you join after June 27th, you can take a 50% discount off the team fees (under 15 only) AND the associate membership fee.

These discounts would apply to CLUB ASSOCIATE membership and team memberships ONLY.  (Not including team teen $125 membership, as teen memberships include all meet splash fees)

Fundraising and Club Jobs requirements will remain unchanged.  (See details on our Fees page)

There is no discount for full club memberships or retired club memberships.

This promotion is available only by contacting Gareth Patterson at prior to registering.

*There are league requirements for swimming at meets in order to swim at league and the “big meets” at the end of the year.  You MUST meet these requirements by swimming in our dual meets prior to the big meets.


Golden Ticket 2015

The golden ticket draw happened on Saturday, Aug 29th at 5pm.  The winner is Brian Cushing, a friend of a pool member.

Congratulations Brian and enjoy your awesome prize!

Have you ever wanted to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade from the VIP section?  Or have a behind the scenes tour of the Kennedy Space Center?  Or just spent some time in your beach front room in Cabo San Lucas?

Well, you can choose which of these once-in-a-lifetime adventures as the winner of YWST’s 2015 “Golden Ticket” drawing.

Check out our Golden Ticket page for full details.


13-18 Campout Details

The Ygnacio Wood Swim Team 13 – 18 Campout will be held at Camanche campgrounds in 2017.

This event is the highlight of the social aspect of the swim team for many teenagers.  We strictly enforce the age limit to 13-18 year old swimmer.  (The age group they swim in)

We will leave on Saturday, June 24, 2017 after the swim meet, from the Ygnacio Wood Swim Club. Be sure to either have eaten, bring a bag lunch or money if your carpool stops for lunch. Some cars will stop for lunch along the way, while others may drive straight through, please be prepared.

We will return on Monday, June 26th. Chaperones are needed for this event. The activities may include but are not limited to swimming, waterskiing, pulled on an inner tube by boat, or wake boarding.


For more details about what to bring, how to pack and be ready for the fun, 2017 YW Teen Camp Out Packing List

We have more answers here… 2017 YW TeenCamp Out Information Sheet



The Swim Season regular season starts NOW!

OK, on Wednesday!

Time Trials

Time Trials is on Wednesday, May 27th evening at the pool. Time Trials is an opportunity to set the seed times for the start of the season. Swimmers are invited to swim all strokes (free, breast, fly, back and IM) but don’t have to. We will seed swimmers on the blocks, which will take a little time (especially with our younger swimmers). We don’t need anyone to sign in or out of this event.

We ask that the parents who are at the pool for their kids help with timing, etc. This isn’t a full meet, and will go more quickly. We also don’t follow all the official timing rules, but we will have stroke and turn officials there to make sure we are only capturing good times.

There are no practices on Wednesday. Arrive no later than 5:30 for warm ups. We will start at 6pm and should be done by around 8pm.

First Dual Meet

Our first dual meet is on Saturday, May 30th at Valley Vista. If you cannot swim at this meet, please sign out by going to the “Parent’s Zone” on at The deadline to signout in Sunday evening for Wednesday meets, and Wednesday evening for Saturday meets. (If you decide after that you can or can’t attend, we maybe able to accommodate… let know. It happens!)

For the new parents, you should arrive at ClubSport Valley Vista, 3737 Valley Vista Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94598 by 8:15 for this meet. It should be over around noon. They will have a snack shack for food, but you are free to bring your own drinks and food. Space is pretty limited at this pool, so we will likely share canopies. Bring chairs to sit, blankets and towels to sit on, and sun block.

New Parents and Returning Parents Orientation

We are having a parent orientation meeting back at our pool starting around 12:30 after the meet on May 30. Bring some food back, go for a swim and we will hold a pretty casual meeting about how swim team works, and how you can get the most out of your season. Many answers can be found in our handbook. We will also be able to answer questions you may have.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me or call me.

Gareth Patterson

Preseason practices start on Monday, April 13th

Pre-season is upon us and we are ready to go… our pool passed its final certification today and we will start pre-season on Monday, April 13th.

We’ve made some small changes to the schedule for the 11-12 age group.  Those swimmers will now practice with the 9-10 age group at 6:00 – 6:45.  See for the full schedule.

Our coaching staff will be a little random over the first couple of weeks of pre-season as our student coaches finish up with classes and other swim obligations.  However, rest assured that our head coach James Humann is sending in the practices and our coaching staff will be executing his plan.

I would like to ask some of the teen swimmers who maybe interested in helping out with the younger age groups – especially the 6 & Under and 7-8 (after the teen practice) to hang around and make sure our new young swimmers have an excellent first experience in the water at YWST.  If you are able to help, we would greatly appreciate it.  Please let me know and let the coach on deck know.

Apologies if the pool is a little cold this first week.  We are heating it and waiting for our new pool covers to come in.