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Swimming (and improving) is what we are about

Swimming is a great part of our community, even beyond our swim team.  Most of you know, but we offer lessons for young kids who can’t yet swim, and we offer lessons for those looking to improve.
This year, we are bringing 4-time gold medal Olympian Jason Lezak in to do a stroke clinic on July 14th.  So, we have a lot going on for our community… most of these events are open to non-team members too.  Read below and see what’s happening!

Sea Pony Swim Lessons Registration is Open
Sign up now for Spring and Summer Sessions! Safe swimming is fun swimming
Sea Pony Information:
Give your 4 to 8 year-old the gift of swimming to use for a lifetime!

Private Lessons for little ones?

One on one private evening lessons will be available this summer, beginning June 13th for non-swim team members. 20 minute sessions.
Watch for sign ups here and at the pool or contact Ari Davis for more information, phone 925-586-0898 and/or email

Stroke Technique, Turns and Dives – Private Coaching

The YW coaching staff will be available after swim team hours for private lessons and help with improvement on stroke technique, turns and dives. This is a great opportunity for one on one time with a coach and your swimmer to work on areas specific to your child’s needs for improvement. Watch for more information posted at pool for sign ups, specific times, coaches and pricing.

Olympian Jason Lezak Swim Clinic

Jason Lezak swam his whole life in Southern California from the age of 5 until retiring after the last Olympics at 36. He’s best known for his anchor swim on the 2008 4×100 freestyle relay ( which was voted by Sports Illustrated as the most memorable single performance by an American at the Beijing Games.
The swim clinic will be on July 14 from 3-6pm.  (This may go to 7pm if our registration numbers are high)  This is open to YW swimmers and others swimmers too.  Stay tuned for details.  Cost is $50 per swimmer.

Swim Team Coaching Staff

Maddie King – Co-Head Coach

Hello everyone!  My name is Maddie King and I am one of your coaches for this incredible team.  This will be my fourth year coaching this team, but my 17th year on the team overall.  This team is truly like a second family to me, and I have gained so many incredible memories and friendships from my time here.  I know I will treasure these memories for the rest of my life, and I would love to be the one who helps create those memories for our current swimmers.  When I am not hanging out with kids on the pool deck, I am at the University of Nevada, Reno pursuing Elementary Education with a minor in human development and family studies.  I can’t wait to see our swimmers smiling faces this May and can’t wait to start working hard and having fun!  Gooooo Ygnacio!

Alex Humann – Co-Head Coach

IMG_1402Hello!  My name is Alex Humann and I am beyond excited to come back to the pool for my fourth year as your Co-Head Coach.  I became a Seahorse when I was just four years old and have been loving it ever since.  I continued swimming competitively at Santa Barbara City College where I have was voted team captain for two seasons and now coach.  I am eager to give back to the team that has fueled my love and enthusiasm for the sport.  This team has been more of a family to me and I love having the opportunity to give back all that I’ve gotten over the years.  I am looking forward to another great season!  Go Seahorses!

Haley Darr – Assistant Coach

Hello everyone!  I have been on Ygnacio Wood since I was five years old and I am incredibly excited to be back for another season of coaching this amazing team!  This team is like a family to me and has given me so many great experiences.  Ygnacio is where my love for swimming began.  I am continuing swimming at Diablo Valley College where I play water polo as well.  Ygnacio has been such a large part of my life and has led me to the realization that I want to have a career as a pediatric nurse.  Ygnacio is so much more than a team and I know that this summer is going to create even more unbelievable memories.  Goooo Ygnacio!

Taylor Welsh – Assistant Coach

Hey seahorses!!  My name is Taylor Welsh and I am so excited for the amazing opportunity to be one of your assistant coaches and the director of the Sea Ponies program this season!  I swam recreationally for Valley Vista Swim Team for ten years, competitively as a Captain for Northgate High School for four, and was fortunate enough to swim my last season as a seahorse last summer.  At Valley Vista, I was a swimmer coach for three years, worked with the fall and spring programs, and was a Cuda Program instructor for five years.  Last summer I co-directed the Sea Ponies program and assisted with pre-season.  I am attending Saint Mary’s College of California where I am in the Justice, Community, and Leadership program in pursuit of a career in law enforcement.  I can’t wait for all the memories to be made this summer with my Ygnacio family!

 Evan Lonestar – Assistant Coach

Hi everyone!  My name is Evan Lonestar and I am thrilled to be one of your new coaches for this new swim season!  Currently I am a college student at Gonzaga University where I am planning to major in Human Physiology.  I began my first year swimming on this team when I was 8 years old and have loved every second of it year after year.  What I love most about Ygnacio is the great memories and lifelong friends I have made in the past few years.  This team has taught me to work hard for the things I want to accomplish whether it be for the sport or in my life.  I hope to bring much enthusiasm and energy for everyone on the team starting this May!  I can’t wait to work hard and help make exciting memories this upcoming summer!  Go Seahorses!

 Cole Welsh – Swimmer Coach

Hi!  My name is Cole Welsh.  I am turning 18 this May and super excited to be part of the 2K’18 Ygnacio Wood coaching staff!  I previously swam for Valley Vista Swim Team for 9 years until I became a Seahorse last season!  I also have swam for the Northgate High School Varsity Swim Team for the past 4 years.   I love all the events (excluding butterfly), but am most passionate about breaststroke.  I will be attending Diablo Valley College next fall and plan on swimming there as well.  I am stoked and truly honored to be joining this elite staff of coaches this upcoming summer!

Fees for 2016 Remain the Same

The Ygnacio Wood Swim Team is part of the Ygnacio Wood Swim Club.  All team members are members of the club, with varying benefits.


Full Club Membership

A full season of access to the club and all club activities for you and your family.
(6 Club Job Hours required)*

NEW Member Full Club Membership

A full season of access to the club and all club activities for you and your family. (New club members are members who haven’t been members at YWSC in the past 3-years)
(4 Club Job Hours required)*

Associate Club Membership

Access to the club during swim team activities (meets, practices, fun events) only.
(2 Club Job Hours required)*

Retired Club Membership

Full club access to retired, adult-only members in our community.
(No Club Job Hours required)*

Teen Membership

Full access to the club for aged 15-18 (as of June 15) members of our swim team. This is for the swimmer only and not for their family.
(2 Club Job Hours required)*


* Club Jobs are opportunities to improve on the club facilities or activities.  There are several opportunities a year to participate.

Team Fees

Fees to belong to the Ygnacio Wood Swim Team are based on the age and number of children swimming.

As a swim team member, fees to our league championship and all dual meets are included.  However, you are responsible for the meet entry fees for all other large meets (City, Dana Hills, Crossing, Woodlands).

For swimmers under the age of 15, you are required to have a CLUB membership (see above) also.

First Swimmer per Family

Your family will be required to commit to $125 of fundraising during the season. **

Each Additional Swimmer per Family

Your family will be required to commit to $125 of fundraising during the season. **

15-18 Swimmer

For families who only have swimmer(s) whom are aged 15-18 (as of June 15).  This swimmer cannot be used as the “first swimmer” to get the discount on additional children.  15-18-only families are not required to commit to fundraising.  This fee includes splash fees to all meet.


* Team Jobs are required of most families.  This includes timing, snack shack, board member positions and other jobs that directly benefit the team.  Click here for full details on team job requirements.

** All swim team families are required to raise $125 per swim season. Please keep in mind that the pool needs to bring in additional funds outside of annual dues and swim team fees in order to keep the facility up to date.  Full details of how to fundraise are here.

Polar Bear Plunge

A huge thanks to Tricia McCann and Angie Elgazzar for organizing our polar bear plunge on Dec 31, 2015!  The water was cold (there was ice on the baby pool), and the hot chocolate was hot, and the swimmers were all a little crazy!

Thanks everyone for showing your seahorse pride!!!

Auction 2015

Our always fun and amazing auction is scheduled for Saturday, July 18th at 5pm.  Come and join us… and see the full list of items at

This is a major fund raiser for our team… invite your friends… and buy your golden ticket… and have fun!  A lot of fun!!!

DISCOUNTED Team Fees – mid-season

We are very pleased to be able to offer discounted fees for Ygnacio Wood Swim Team members joining between June 27th and July 6th.

If you join after June 27th, you can take a 50% discount off the team fees (under 15 only) AND the associate membership fee.

These discounts would apply to CLUB ASSOCIATE membership and team memberships ONLY.  (Not including team teen $125 membership, as teen memberships include all meet splash fees)

Fundraising and Club Jobs requirements will remain unchanged.  (See details on our Fees page)

There is no discount for full club memberships or retired club memberships.

This promotion is available only by contacting Gareth Patterson at prior to registering.

*There are league requirements for swimming at meets in order to swim at league and the “big meets” at the end of the year.  You MUST meet these requirements by swimming in our dual meets prior to the big meets.


Golden Ticket 2015

The golden ticket draw happened on Saturday, Aug 29th at 5pm.  The winner is Brian Cushing, a friend of a pool member.

Congratulations Brian and enjoy your awesome prize!

Have you ever wanted to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade from the VIP section?  Or have a behind the scenes tour of the Kennedy Space Center?  Or just spent some time in your beach front room in Cabo San Lucas?

Well, you can choose which of these once-in-a-lifetime adventures as the winner of YWST’s 2015 “Golden Ticket” drawing.

Check out our Golden Ticket page for full details.


13-18 Campout Details

The Ygnacio Wood Swim Team 13 – 18 Campout will be held at Camanche campgrounds in 2017.

This event is the highlight of the social aspect of the swim team for many teenagers.  We strictly enforce the age limit to 13-18 year old swimmer.  (The age group they swim in)

We will leave on Saturday, June 24, 2017 after the swim meet, from the Ygnacio Wood Swim Club. Be sure to either have eaten, bring a bag lunch or money if your carpool stops for lunch. Some cars will stop for lunch along the way, while others may drive straight through, please be prepared.

We will return on Monday, June 26th. Chaperones are needed for this event. The activities may include but are not limited to swimming, waterskiing, pulled on an inner tube by boat, or wake boarding.


For more details about what to bring, how to pack and be ready for the fun, 2017 YW Teen Camp Out Packing List

We have more answers here… 2017 YW TeenCamp Out Information Sheet